Only the bite of a female Black Widow Spider is poisonous.


This is the case of a deadly female bite. The bite of a female black widow spider CAN BE lethal, though mostly to young children or senior adults. However, today’s modern treatments make the bite of this kind of spiders less dangerous.

The bite does not cause instant pain, though it may turn quite painful within few hours. At first, it feels as if we were injured by a pin.

But quickly, the venom runs and spreads through the veins, thus attacking the nervous system and causing the victim to develop certain symptoms such as swelling, reddening, nausea, stomachaches, muscular spasms, thorax cramps, abdomen and leg cramps, as well as contractions and deep pain.
Eventually, the venom strikes the nervous terminals, making it hard to breathe and swallow. The symptoms aggravate if the patient does not receive proper treatment/care : chills, sweating, convulsions, deep nausea, headaches, fever and paralysis. However, most cases do not grow so severe.

In the case of pregnant women, the bite of the Black Widow Spider may cause contractions and premature delivery. The victim must be urgently carried away to an emergency room for immediate treatment.

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