The Black Widow Spider shares the human habitat and can be dangerous.

black widow spider

This spider is found all around the United States, mainly in the south and west regions of the country and, as the saying goes, “there is a black widow in the garden of every house”.

The black widow spider is named after the female specimen; normally, "she" bites and eats the male arachnid once the mating has taken place.

The bite of the black widow spider can cause severe symptoms. Its venom is rarely mortal for adults, though it can be fatal for little children and senior adults. It can be easily identified due to its crisp blackness, big spherical abdomen and, of course, the red sort of hourglass symbol (we are referring to the more dangerous female spiders).

This site offers full information on the black widow spider regarding the differences between female and male spiders, bite symptoms, arachnid behavior and their dens.

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