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The Camel Spider is quite an interesting creature and it is surrounded by lots of myths. It can run as fast as 10/15 miles per hour and, in doing so, it makes a strange screaming sound that terrifies anyone around. It is as big as a dinner dish with its legs widespread and it hides from sunlight during daytime. It is said that, when disturbing the shadow were a camel spider is resting (for example, the act of removing a rock), this spider will jump two feet high in order to hide as quickly as possible under your own shadow.

camel spider
Camel Spider Photo

This spider is found mainly in Middle East deserts, this being the reason why it is also called "desert spider".

Other names are "wind spider" or "wind scorpion"- because of the above-mentioned sound they usually make when running- and "sun scorpion". Strictly speaking, despite the fact that they belong to the species of arachnids, they are not spiders or scorpions but Solifugids (in Latin, it means "flee from the sun").

The name "Camel" derives from the ancient belief that these arachnids ate Camel stomachs, which –apparently- is their favorite dish or egg lair. Yet, they are also known for killing cows and, of course, humans. But…are these tales true?


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