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Introducing poisonous spiders found most frequently in our gardens


black house spider

Black House Spider

This is not a lethal spider. Yet, its venom is quite toxic and as a result, this arachnid constitutes a real threat to human beings. The bite of the Black House Spider causes deep pain around the bite spot, plenty of sweating, muscular pains, nausea, vomits and headaches. This kind of species is quick and does not hesitate to attack if being disturbed.


red back spider

Red Back Spider

This is a deadly spider. It attacks the nervous system and consequently, its bite causes severe pain and general illness. The Red Back poison is especially dangerous for children and adults. First Aid for this poisonous spider shall include the specific --existing-- anti-venom.


funnel web spider

Funnel Web Spider | «female male»

This spider is one of the most dangerous considering that its venom carries atraxotoxin. This toxin causes severe general deliverance of neurotransmitters at autonomic and neuromuscular junctions, resulting in immediate pain, muscle twitching, weakness, nausea and vomits. The above picture illustrates the Sidney species. The Blue Mountains and Northern Tree Funnel-Web Spiders are quite venomous as well. Both male and female arachnids are poisonous.

white tail spider

White Tail Spider

The venom of this spider is of moderate toxicity. Still, it can cause nausea, swelling, redness and, in some cases, an allergic reaction considering that the White Tail Spider carries bacteria (mycobacterium ulcerans) in its lungs. The appearance of the bite is said to resemble a skin ulcer.


wolf spider

Wolf Spider

This bite of this arachnid is not a heavy poisonous one. Nevertheless, its venom may cause some adverse effects in certain victims, such as deep pain, redness and swelling. Sometimes the bitten tissue becomes black, but these reactions do not tend to last more than ten days.

mouse spider

Mouse Spider | «female male»

This is a poisonous, non-aggressive spider. However, its bite can cause severe illness to children. The venom is similar to the Red Back’s. The injury causes deep pain considering that its fangs are huge. This spider may be found mainly in Australia.


brown recluse spider

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