Keep in mind that before any call is made after the bite of any spider, it would be useful that you can specify:

  • Age of the victim
  • Bite time
  • Weight and general condition of the victim
  • Place and spot where the bite occurred
  • Type of spider (If possible, try to catch the spider carefully so that it can be recognized).

The treatment for the venom of the Brown Recluse Spider consists of:

brown-recluse-venom First aid:

  • remain calm.

  • ask for immediate medical attention (contact health centers, hospitals or toxicology centers)

  • apply local ice to lessen the pain, but be careful not to cause an injury due to excessive cold

  • the use of tourniquets and other compressive measures are not recommended

  • avoid abrupt movements

Health Center: measures brown-recluse-amb

The specific antidote for the Brown Recluse Spider is not available yet. Any hospital should take measures such as maintaining the vital support, avoiding infections or any further dangerous symptoms.

Note: Some time ago, the extraction of the necrotic tissue was made within the first days of the victim’s evolution, but recently it was demonstrated that said extraction can delay the treatment.

More detailed information can be found in brown recluse spider treatment

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