loxeceles recluse brown spider

The Brown Recluse Spider, as its name indicates, has the ability of hiding inside homes, in the darkest and smallest places it can find.

The loxosceles reclusa, also known as brown recluse spider or violin spider, is a small-sized arachnid of approximately 7-12mm (1/4" - 1/2') long. The color of the brown recluse spider is generally brown. Its body shows a peculiar cephalothorax with a dark brown violin-shaped spot; the legs are light brown and the oval-shaped abdomen is dark brown, yellow, or greenish yellow. The most important characteristic is the presence of 3 pairs of eyes in the cephalothorax. Normally, all spiders have 4 pairs (8 altogether).       

pic brown recluse spider
brown recluse spider photo
eyes zoom brown recluse spider

This arachnid benefits itself from human contact; this type of animal relation is called “synanthropic” » wikipedia.org : Synanthropes are animals which are not domesticated but live in the vicinity of humans. It comes from the terms synthetic (made of parts/artificial), and/or syn (synonymous to) and anthro (from the Greek word andros meaning man).

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brown recluse spider
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