The Brown Recluse Spider builds its web in a dark area of 1 inch inside your home.

Webs can be found in the surroundings of a house, trunks, underneath stones, inside wood holes, bricks, under roofing tiles, in shadowy corners of garages, laundries, behind or inside furniture, etc. The spider is sedentary and nonaggressive. It hides during daylight, away from darkness, and it only attacks humans when it happens to be caught inside clothes at the moment a person is getting dressed or while a human suddenly rolls when sleeping.

Spider webs serve as a diurnal hiding place.

Spiders roam at night looking for preys. Their favorite ones are dead insects. At night, the male spiders also go in search for females in order to mate. The spider web also serves as a comb where the female brown recluse spider lays its eggs, which can be seen inside a web coat. The female spider lays between 40 and 50 eggs inside a coat of gray silk, approximately 2/3 inches long. 

Each spider can produce several coats with eggs on a monthly basis.The BRS web is not made as an insect trap, as in the case of other spiders. It is made for nesting purposes only, and so it does not look as the typical circular spider webs that can be found in gardens. The brown recluse spider web has no specific design: it looks as if it had been carelessly and randomly constructed.

  brown recluse spider web


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brown recluse spider
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