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In the very beginning, the injury caused by a spider bite resembles the bite of any insect. It is very easy to confuse it with a mosquito bite, a deer fly, or even with a thorn puncture.

The proper way to dismiss any doubt is to grab a magnifying glass and examine the wound closely. A spider bite is not seen as a single mark but as two parallel fang punctures, one next to the other. If this were the case, you should explore our section concerning bite treatments.

spider bite

Notice that a Spider Bite does not differ from one arachnid to the other. You will probably feel no pain when the spider bites you, a fact that tends to make people unaware of the actual place where the bite occurred. You only realize you were bitten by a spider when the first symptoms appear. You may find it useful to read the article describing these symptoms, just to know what to expect.

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