The Brown recluse spider coexists with the human and it can be dangerous

This spider lives in dark corners and places inside the houses, and also under the furniture, boxes and books.
It has a rather shy and nonaggressive behavior, although occasionally the Brown Recluse Spider bites human because they share the same habitat (read "habitat" section for more about this).
brown recluse spider

brown recluse spider
brown recluse spider violin
Details of the Violin like "face" of the brown recluse

Bite occurs only when the spider is disturbed, accidentally touched, and when putting on seldom used clothing and shoes where the BRS has decided to live on. ( Learn more on this subject by using the menu on the left).

Its web is made of a loose and irregular, yet very sticky thread. It is only built as a daytime retreat and as an egg holder (for more information and pictures of its web, use the menu on the left).

Brown Recluse Spiders can survive six months without food or water, hidden in their lairs during daytime and roaming at night.

This arachnid prefers undisturbed places, so the Brown Recluse Spider usually bites humans when it is caught between a part of the body and another surface, for example, when children are playing under house furniture such as beds and tables or in the garage. Bites also happen while a person who is sleeping suddenly rolls in a bed where the Brown Recluse Spider has climbed, or when dressing with clothes or shoes where the spider has hidden itself.


Like all arachnids, this type is also formed by a cephalothoraxes connecting the 4 pairs of legs and the abdomen. The links on the left show everything you need to know about the BRS including its identification, habitat, where to find it, photos, proper advice to take into consideration when a spider bites a human and more.

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brown recluse spider
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